Friday, August 29, 2008

Being Wife

Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh. Genesis 2:24

I have been tossing around a couple posts about being a wife quite a bit for the last month and have been shoving them aside. Why? Because. Because being wife is a role that probably challenges me more than any other.

It reveals so much of my sinful nature, that I have preferred to avoid the topic. But, in my desire to be "real", I can no longer side step it. And in order to have victory, I must confront it.

See, and you might have thought I was too wrapped up in my children in this blog. Being mommy. No, it is a role I carry, but it is not my only role. Perhaps when being mommy, it is just easier to honestly talk about the challenges or maybe it is not so taboo to talk about the challenges.

As in, *gasp*, you thought about what it would be like to use your husband's toothbrush to clean the toilet? Look, I didn't dwell on it, I had a momentary thought. It's like I told my DH, I can just feel the weight of conviction even thinking about thinking of stepping into the bathroom with that intention. It's just another little thought I need to train out of my head that took root when I first heard someone man-bashing or something.

The Lord has blessed me with a good husband and I desire to be a good wife. A godly wife. Knowing that the fullness of God lies in how I accept and walk out my varying roles. Learning to embrace the biblical standards of these roles (wife and mother) is not always easy, especially in today's society of "look out for number one" -self idolizing, "do what feels good for you"-postmodernity, and "we are women, hear us roar"-feminism.

It's no wonder women as a whole are so estranged from the biblical standards of womanhood. But, what does biblical womanhood even look like? It is not something that even many churches talk about. But I know that the more I have studied God's word and welcomed this standard in my life, more peace and joy has filled me.

Here are two blogs that sometimes discuss biblical womanhood that I enjoy:
Making Home - You will find so much to be edified with in your daily walk with God.
Biblical Womanhood Online - I just found this one recently and it seems like it is a good fit.

I am so far away from being the wife my husband should have, but I press forward not filled with condemnation, but great hope with what the future holds for my marriage!


Karen said...


You mean you are NOT martha stewart as a wife, mother and keeper of the house? the pedastal, on which i had you, has crumbled. give me a few days to recoup....

HAHAHAHAHA...thanks for sharing your heart...being REAL. we need REAL women in the body of Christ. you get MY vote....


Jamerrill Stewart said...

I'm on the same journey in the Word searching out God's truths..yeah society tells us to "do it all" and let the family wait on us...when in truth we find peace in living out God's will of being Wife and Mother. No wonder in today's world that so many women are having the problems they're having-they've been lied to, even in church. I'll get off my soap-box, this isn't my blog :o), but I can't wait to read the sites you posted! Love Ya~