Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Little Houdini

Censoring courtesy of Caleb

Remember this photo, for you have just seen the next great escape artist.
Samuel has a knack for getting away to say the least. On this particular day, I was letting him air dry after a bath when he helpfully let himself out the back door and ran to dig in his favorite spot, the dirt pile. Oh to be naked and playing in dirt, what more could a two year-old boy ask for!

Now, not only was he naked, Caleb was screaming about it - he could not believe he had no clothes on. Sounds pretty normal right? Not so much. There was a wedding taking place next door....Nice.
I mean really, pay no mind to the naked child running around. Really, enjoy your day and hope you have a nice life together!

What's that you say? Why don't we get those handy childproof knob covers for our entry doors? Tried it. He got it open. A device that confounds the majority of adults and the kid got it open the second time he tried. Not only that, but it mysteriously disappeared by the next morning and has yet to be found.

Hence, the new back door we just had installed with a dead bolt. We had talked about installing additional locks, but Richie thought the dead bolt might just be enough since it is a bit higher. Samuel immediately began investigating.

Richie: Trying to figure out the new door?

Samuel: Yep. It's stuck.

Richie: *Laughing*...then silence...

Samuel figured out how to open both locks within two minutes! It's not as easy for him now, but we will be purchasing additional security locks which will be installed at a level that even I may have a hard time reaching.
Note: The wedding people actually didn't seem to notice the shenanigans going on, thankfully. To think of what they missed out on, it would have made a nice addition to their album...


Jolanthe said...

oooo...that is a LOVELY picture!! One that I'm sure will come back years from now. :)