Thursday, September 30, 2010

TWO New Family Members This Year?

Our little family just keeps on growing and in unexpected ways.  No, we didn't find out we're suddenly expecting twins.  Would it offend you if I added a sigh of relief after that one?

We've sponsored a new child through Compassion International.  A six year old boy from Guatemala.  And we are so happy to have him as part of us now!
I say it happened unexpectedly because we had other intentions for the monthly sponsorship money.  Our own intentions, like lessen the strain on our monthly income since Richie's salary has been reduced like so many others during the current economic situation.  So nothing extravagant, but God still had other plans.

I pulled into the parking lot to cancel life insurance policies we had on the boys and as I opened my car door, God began to speak.  He basically told me that the monthly payment we were making on the life insurance should be used to bring LIFE to another child right now.  

And now we have a new child in the family.  Caleb helped choose which child should receive our sponsorship. Honestly, I was leaning in a different direction, but I want our kids to have a connection with our Compassion child(ren), so I left it mostly up to him.  It has been amazing how this child that we will likely never meet has already worked his way into our hearts! 

Of course, the minute I see any of the pictures of the many children waiting to be sponsored automatically grabs my heart.  I've been crying over these children and those like them since I was a child and saw my first Sally Struthers commercial.  (Do you remember those?  I would seriously bawl.)  My heart breaks for the littlest of these.  I remember when I've traveled overseas and the conditions the "less thans" of this world live.  The dirt, the stench, the poverty.  The loss of hope.  The need for Love. 

So, I find it a privilege that God would lead us to this little one and use us in his life.  He may not be in my home or within arm's reach, but my prayers and God are never far from him.



Jolanthe said...

Love this post Jo Ann. :) This month we're planning on sponsoring some more kids too ~ and letting our kids help pick them with us.

The girls have had so much fun writing letters to the little girl that we already sponsor {and I can't wait til we can write to more!!}.