Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Little Pre-Thanksgiving Laugh

I know this commercial has been around for a while, but it still makes me laugh. Especially as I remember celebrating an early Thanksgiving at the beginning of the month with my side of the family and we ended up with a 36 pound (!) turkey a friend of the family had raised. It was HUGE and if raw poultry wasn't still grossing me out so much, I would have taken a picture of Abigail next to the gobbler as it was bigger than her.

Of course, the Thanksgiving that my mom chased one of my sister's around the kitchen with a turkey neck still ranks as the most memorable for me.

No, I don't have a strange sense of humor, why do you ask?



jac. said...

1. I have NEVER seen this commercial so funny!

2. I still have that vision of mom chasing her too......poor thing, lucky us :). That was so funny!

3. Happy Thanksgiving - love you!

Jess (turkey hater) said...

No fair.
But I wish Mom could chase me this year so ya'll could laugh.
2012? I hope so.

Jessica B. said...

OK just watched the eating vegetarian today. Gross! Now I remember why I ran screaming.