Thursday, May 29, 2008

God Alphabetically

This morning, I was lying in bed and thinking about God and who He is to me and felt inspired to do something I haven't done in a while. Make a list from A-Z with words declaring who He is and His characteristics.

I went to a conference a couple years ago and during one session this is what we did as a group and every once in a while I like to do it on my own. Something happens inside of me when I acknowledge and declare who He is. I find comfort, peace, confidence, strength, joy...

Give it a try some time, especially if you need some extra encouragement. You cannot stay down when you remember and focus on who He is! Then you can share it with me! :)

This is my list from this morning (they never turn out the same). I needed some help with Q and X, but the dictionary is "lost" in a box right now as we finish our homeschool room (aka The Discovery Room). So, they are blank for now. I think I'm going to incorporate this in one of our school activities some time soon.

Update: I added a second list just to see how different they can be, for fun. No, I do not think God and His attributes can fully be described or contained in a list. We are so limited within our language and within our own knowledge. No eye has seen, no ear has heard...

  • A - Abba Daddy All Consuming
  • B - Beautiful Bread of Life
  • C - Creator Comforter
  • D - Deliverer Dream Giver
  • E - Eternal Excellent
  • F - Forgiving Father
  • G - Gracious Giver
  • H - Holy Humble
  • I - Instructor Indescribable
  • J - Just Jealous
  • K - Kind King
  • L - Loving Life
  • M - Merciful Majestic
  • N - Never Changing Near
  • O - Omnipotent Omnipresent
  • P - Perfect Passionate
  • Q - Qualified Q
  • R - Restorer Resurrecter
  • S - Savior Strongtower
  • T - Trustworthy Triumphant
  • U - Upright Uncomparable
  • V - Victorious Visionary
  • W - Wonderful Worthy
  • X - X
  • Y - Yoke Breaker Yahweh
  • Z - Zealous Zion