Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mr. Blue Boots

Ah, two-year olds. Don't you just love them. The way they soak up everything around them. And do I mean everything. Virtual parrots in the house. How their personalities come into full swing. What a fun age! Challenging, but fun.

It always amazes me when that "independent switch" turns on and how life as I knew it changes. And it happens so quickly.
  • The exercising of the will - I am going to tell you no and then run away when I know you are coming to correct me. For the four millionth time. Today.
  • The endless new discoveries of the world around them - Hey, mom. What fun, I can kill a fly with my fingers!
  • The joy and excitement that comes with the conquering of new tasks - Learning that doorknobs allow access to rooms previously unallowed to enter (or exit-and yes, I do mean the back door) by ourselves.
  • The pride of independence and new ideas - Look, mom. I can take your African Violet out of the pot and put it in the juice pitcher. Again! Note: I am permanently giving up on African Violets after several failed attempts. Some my fault, some not. Well, unless you blame me this last time for keeping it on the kitchen table.
  • And yes, the interesting preferences and attachments they develop.

Right now, Samuel, has a thing for his blue boots. On this particular day, his outfit just happened to match.

Most days, not so much. (And yes, that day, I let him continue to wear them on the wrong feet. He was very proud that he put them on by himself.)

I do have to say it is pretty cute when he is marching around the house in a diaper and his boots saying his version of, "Hup, two, three, four." Or marching around the house while we sing one of his current favorites, "I'm in the Lord's army..."

If nothing else, it is a conversation starter with people. "Oh, is it raining out?" "No, we just love our boots..."

Seriously though, I enjoy this age and am thankful to God for this child and that he is so full of life and joy. He adds so much to this family and to my life. In all this, I am constantly reminded of the responsibility I have as a mother and in training these precious, young men of mine. The balance of choosing the battles, helping to shape their wills. Letting them become the unique individuals that God has called them to be. Wow!

So for now, I say, march on Mr. Blue Boots, march on. And may you serve the Lord all the days of your life, always marching on His chosen path for you, little one!