Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spring, Glorious Spring!

I know I've mentioned before how much I enjoy living where I can enjoy each of the four seasons, but it truly is something that makes me happy. Don't get me wrong, each one has its unique downsides, but I just think it is so awesome to see the various changes and God's handiwork in each one. And spring...oh, spring!

Peach blossoms

Glorious, wonderful spring! The color. The life. The beauty. The atmosphere just seems to be filled with expectation. I wonder if it will be spring all the time in Heaven. Just 50 times better I suppose. *smile*

I love the blooms on this bush even though I have no clue what it is.

Spring makes me a bit giddy. The fresh air blowing through my windows. The warm sun kissing my face. I just can't help but be happy. I even skipped in the yard the other day. By myself. I felt a little foolish, but I just couldn't contain it anymore! Spring unlocks something in me.

Some of my daffodils standing proud.

I love laying in the vibrant, green grass barefoot. Looking up at the clear, blue sky. Watching the animals busy at work. I feel at rest. At peace. Connected to God.

Red Bud

And my yard becomes a wondrous place to me. I almost feel like each set of flowers has its own personality and greets me in its own way. It is God's special gift to me. His hope and promises seem so magnified when I look around.

I adore my carpet of violets under our fruit trees.

And I feel spoiled by it all. That God would see fit to put on such a show for me. In my very own backyard. I almost feel like it's part of His love letter to me. A sweet secret that we share.

I can't help but think of hula skirts when I look at this picture.

And no matter what life is dishing out, I can't help but feel that all is well when I look around and see His hand in it. I am saddened for the people who are blind to it. Who don't know our Maker and can't share in the miracle of it all.

A beautiful sight!

Standing in a shower of petals raining from apple trees. Enjoying fresh bouquets of flowers hand picked by my boys. Sharing in the joy of it with others. Seeing, touching, smelling, listening, and living in God's magnificent creation. What a pleasure, what a gift!

One of the many finer things in life! You can see The Finer Things others have been enjoying here.



shopannies said...

how pretty

Stephanie said...

Your photos are so beautiful! Spring is just starting to bud around here, so I am virutally enjoying every one elses for now :)

BT and Jessica said...

amazing photos!!!!

Amy @ Finer Things said...

Fabulous photos. You're right, spring is a finer thing! I think the weeds even feel special as my children oooo and ahhhh over them. ;-) Thanks for linking up!