Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Kids Just Have A Way

Of making me fall in love with them more and more every day. They are such neat and special people.

Um, for clarification purposes, that would not be "neat" as in tidy or organized...

This tender hearted young man is so fantastic with his younger siblings. He's got a unique personality and interests and is one of the coolest kids I know. I looked at his hands the other day and it was as if they spoke to me and let me know that he would soon be leaving childhood behind.

Ah time, why won't you leave me alone and come back in about 5 years and we can pick up where we left off?

Samuel continues to be full of life and enthusiasm. He melts my heart when he winks at me. On the mini-trampoline, eating lunch, or into mischief, it is precious. When I'm cooking, he has this adorable habit of asking me, "What are you cookin' hon?" He heard Richie ask me that once and now asks it all the time. I love it!

And little Abby-girl, which happens to be the only nickname we have for her. Other than sweetheart, darlin', etc. I dare you to spend one hour with this sweet girl and not fall in love with her. Impossible. It is against the very laws of nature. What a blessing!

My precious, little people. I love you all more than words can say!



The Blossoming Skillet said...

They are so cute. I am about to cry, I miss you guys so much!

Caleb is getting so tall. Are any of these from Easter?

Jess said...

Caleb looks like a young man.
Ohhhhhh.... that's not supposed to happen!
Ok, Well, maybe it is, but can't it go slower!

Jolanthe said...

Oh - the 'hon' part is just too sweet!!

Crystal said...

"what are you cookin, hon?"...oh, my heart is melting. cute, cute, cute!