Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy Unblogiversary To Me

I'm feeling lame. So lame that a cricket with a broken leg could beat me in a jumping contest. Yeah, I don't know, I just made that one up.

Forgive me. Even the jokes are lame. How much more convincing do you need?

I had totally meant to make sure I posted on my one year blogiversary. Um, that was six days ago.

I'm so efficient and thorough I astound myself. Really, I can hardly stand it.

Lame-o. That's my name don't wear it out.

But then again, who decided that it should be a huge deal that I've been polluting the blogosphere with my cranial throw-up for a whole year through 180 posts?

So, maybe it really comes down to some unconscious rebellion against the system. Yeah that's it. I'm anti-establishment and it's in my blood to go against the grain. That's why I didn't post on the 23rd.

But, then I'd be lying about it, so I just have to confess my lameness. Because that's what I do. Confess my transgressions to you in pursuit of a transparent life.

So if you're still reading this, then you've been able to wade through the sarcasm and shield your heart from the shock of it all. You deserve something. And since this post is about being lame, there's no giveaway. Cause that would be unlame.

How about more bloggy confessions...

  • Would it help to admit that I sometimes get excited when I receive a comment? Human contact, what a nice thing...
  • Or how I struggle with not trying to qualify everything I say because I don't want to be misunderstood? It could also just be that nasty religious spirit hanging on when it comes to spiritual matters.
  • That dropping off the face of the blogosphere in this season has been a little difficult because I enjoy it, but it's been one of the best things for me?
  • For some weird reason I get kind of embarrassed when someone tells me they read my blog?
  • That I just had to look up whether there was one "r" or two in the word embarrassed?
  • And while we're at it, I should inform you that I never use the word "lame". Unless maybe I see an animal that's, well, lame. I shall now retire it from my vocabulary.
  • Now I'm wondering if it's even okay to use that word. Somebody help me, do you see what I go through? Go reread the second bullet, I'm wrapping this up before it gets any uglier.

So, here's to one year of blogging. If nothing else, my spelling is better for it.

Thanks for hanging out with me! I'm hoping to be regularly posting again soon!!



Karen said...

happy anniversary you antidisestablishment, anti religion, anti using the word lame, person celebrate, you can now join facebook..... THAT was have not added to my blog in at least a month so you are doing better than i....:o)

Crystal said...

"cranial throw-up" ....LOL....that's funny! Happy Blogiversary! (And I'm with you on the spelling of embarrassed...that word always makes me think twice before I write it.)

Jolanthe said...

I was laughing out loud at the 'cranial throwup' too. Thank the Lord for spell check and that little red underline that shows up when I do mis-spell. :) (for the record there are two showing up in this comment).

pyrotechny said...

Yep, I always suspected you were a I know.... ;-)