Friday, February 12, 2010

Potty Trained...Finally

Words that I began to wonder I would ever be able to say when it came to Samuel. Because this whole potty training thing has been going on for so. very. long. In fact, here is when I first thought we were on track to getting him out of diapers. In June of 2008.

He was doing so well and then he just lost interest. And then I may or may not have gotten lazy with it. As time passed, I began to get desperate. I even broke out good old bribery. And he still wasn't interested. What can I say, I guess he was holding out for better deals.

Out with the bribery and in with the begging and pleading. The boy was immune. Not even a mother's tears could send him to visit the porcelain throne. Knowing his friends were using the bathroom did not sway him either. Where do you go when peer influence holds no persuasion?

The kid is good. Maybe even Navy Seal good.

Needless to say, visions of graduation parties and diapers were dancing in my head.
I had been praying about the situation, but not really on a consistent basis. And it probably involved additional begging and pleading. Then after earnestly seeking God about our dilemma one day (okay my dilemma, because I was so over changing his diaper), it all came together.

One morning Samuel asked to go to his favorite restaurant, a local pizza place that we all happen to love. That's when what some might call genius, I call it divine inspiration, struck me. A potty party. A pizza potty party.

We got to go celebrate his latrine success that night with his very own pizza potty party. And unlike Caleb, I didn't care who knew what our celebration was about. I was celebrating! I mean, I even had a Dr. Pepper. It was that serious.

So, we kept celebrating. We had potty parties every night until it just became part of his natural routine. Chocolate cake. Candy corns. Oh, the glorious fruits of positive reinforcement that he reaped.

You know, I'm going to have to consider throwing a party the next time I'm tired of any, shall we say, poop in my life. Just start celebrating until I find breakthrough.

Anyway, I'm proud to say that a month later, he is still going strong. No pun intended.

Thanks, God, for caring about all the things in our lives!