Monday, February 15, 2010

You Might Be A Mommy If...

You have ever considered paying good money for time alone in the bathroom.

Because I've thought about it. Oh, I've thought about it. I think I've even gone as high as $100 in my head.

I can probably count on one hand the number of times in a year that I'm able to be in a bathroom by myself or without any interruption. And after conducting lengthy interviews, I understand it's epidemic.

I enjoy my kids. I also enjoy a nice, hot shower. And there are plenty of days that it seems like it's going to take an act of Congress to even get one. Of course, since I'm the only one who has any special interest in it, I'd probably still be waiting. So, getting to take a shower without anyone banging on the door or shouting questions would be heavenly. Just heavenly.

Even trying to use the facilities, ahem, does not seem to go under the radar. No one told me that as a mother I'd eventually be able to competently use the toilet while holding (possibly even nursing) a baby. Something that won't get me into the Olympics, but that I think takes real talent. *grin*

I guess it just makes me all the more grateful for the times it does occur. It's all about the little things, you know.