Tuesday, March 2, 2010

They Haven't Kicked Us Out


Which is great news because we love the library. I mean love it. Like love love it.

If you're not utilizing your local library, you are missing out on a beautiful thing. If you homeschool and don't use your local library, then you need your head examined.

How's that for winning friends and influencing people? I think I have what it takes...

So, why would I consider the fact that our family is still allowed to patronize our library anything but normal? A good question that surprisingly does not involve outrageous late fees or ruined books.

I think.

And at any given visit it could involve loud children and running, but we've really been working on that.

Note: This post ended up longer than I thought it would so I'll have to share our other library stories another day...

It began many moons ago at one of their kids' book club meetings. The leaders of the club had decided they were all going to meet at a local park to observe wildlife after the regular reading time. A trip, by the way, that we were not joining. They were discussing this trip and talking about the things the children might do while enjoying nature there.

This would be about the time that my man cub piped up with the charming answer, "We could trap rabbits and kill them. Then we could use them for food."

In my defense...which does not include the fact that there are large rivers of testosterone flowing through this child...we had just finished reading The Sign of the Beaver by Elizabeth George Speare. A book in which a young boy is left to protect his family's homestead and fend for himself. A book where the young boy has to catch and kill his own food. It spoke to the inner survivor and provider dwelling inside my son.

And judging by the looks on the faces of the two volunteers, I needed a defense. They were visibly shaken by my son's answer. This might be a good time to mention that I don't think they have any sons between them. It might also be worth noting that I think they could be members of PETA.

Oh, and they happen to be more than slightly influential in our area. Especially when it comes to getting banned from children's activities in various venues across town. Wonderful...

One was speechless. The other vigorously disagreed, went into a speech about the importance of not harming animals, and quickly wrapped up the session.

I was already feeling a bit awkward because we were the only homeschoolers and these are the people we left choking on the dust at the elementary school as we embarked on our homeschooling journey. So naturally, I felt like they were already looking at me like I had two heads and leprosy. After that comment, I was upgraded to two heads, leprosy, and a pair of horns.

The funny thing is, it was their fault. After all, the book did come from their library. And they encourage children to read.

So, like a good mother, I graciously collected our things and we went home as planned.

Then I ordered two books about trapping rabbits in the wild.



Nell-Marie said...

I love it! You're such a great storyteller =)

Sewing Maniac said...

Uncle Jake would be so proud!

Jolanthe said...


You are hilarious.

pyrotechny said...

I have other boy~in~the~wild suggestions too!