Monday, December 15, 2008

Sweet Six Months

Dear Abigail, you look great in any color, but mommy looks better in black and white...

I can hardly believe it has been six months (on the 12th) since this beautiful, little girl officially joined our family. What a blessing and wonderful addition she has been to us!

I could never have anticipated the feelings that have accompanied having a daughter. I love dressing her. The color pink, ribbons, and shoes have never been so fun! I look forward to the day that her hair is long enough for bows. Or maybe it's a good thing it hasn't, because I could just become addicted to them! I now remember how frustrating tights can be though. Her first pair were snagged within 20 minutes. I've made a mental note of it so that I hopefully won't get upset with her as she gets older. Abigail, you can thank me later...

The boys continue to love on her, making me melt all the time. Caleb continues to be such a good big brother. He's protective of her and tries to anticipate her needs. Something that I hope continues as they grow. We've enjoyed seeing a side of Samuel that we would not have experienced if she was not a part of our family. He is so incredibly sweet (when he's not taking toys or trying ot step on her) with her. I love hearing him talk to her. "Good morning, Abi-dail!" He loves to kiss her and hug her. Nothing sweeter I tell ya!

Abigail is thriving. At least that's what everyone seems to want to always point out. I get many comments about her size. Me? I think she's just right. She holds up well under all the lovin' she gets around here. :)

She is beginning to interact with those around her and it has been such fun. Babies are so good for the soul! :) Abigail means "Joy of My Father" and I continue to enjoy seeing the joy she brings to others. Knowing she will carry the joy of the Lord. She has a wonderful disposition and is generally happy. While it is our hopes that she brings great joy to our heaveny Father, she brings her earthly parents joy exceeding all expectations!

Abigail also happens to be mobile now. She continues in the path of her brothers and will most likely be an early walker. I wouldn't be honest if I didn't admit that I had been hoping she would take things a little slower. But I am extremely thankful she is healthy and developing!

Thank you, Lord, for our sweet Abigail!



BT and Jessica said...

I love the new photo of Samuel on the side bar. I think Brian and him look a lot alike when they make that face!!!!
Can't wait to you next week!

little sis said...

Your kids just make me smile looking at their photos.