Monday, June 1, 2009

How Do You Store Your Digital Pictures?

I need help. Okay, okay, we established that a while ago...that's a different story.

I'm trying to decide what to do with all my digital pictures and videos now that I've got my camera and computer talking and I'm having a hard time choosing what to do with them. Flickr? PhotoBucket? Snapfish? Good, old fashioned cd's?

Help! I'm overwhelmed, frustrated, and am the proud owner of a computer ready to go on strike at any inconvenient moment.

Would you help a girl out and share what you use? Would you mind sharing the pros and cons you've found if you have a minute?

I'll be forever grateful.

In fact, I pledge to never take a picture of the gifts of affection my cat keeps leaving for me to find (preferably not under my foot or in a child's hand). Nope, no dead animal halves. Or entrails. I promise.



Crystal said...

We've been using Picasa the last few months and I really like it. I'm soooo not an expert on this picture stuff so I don't know what to tell you about the positives/negatives....I just like it. I'm sure this fact-filled comment was very helpful for you. ;-)

Carl8ta said...

if you are worried about your pc crashing - get them on cds asap... otherwise I would recomend an external hard drive - it frees up your pcs hard drive and you can then pull them into any pc later on. you could also use a protable hard drive (that's what I have a bunch of my pics on now)
i have relly tried out any of the online stuff.

Jolanthe said...

We have ours all stored on the computer. And since we were worried about what would happen in the computer crashed, we invested in using an online backup service {Carbonite} that scans the computer for new files each day and stores them for us. That way if anything happens, we're safe! :)