Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Baby Girl Is One

Can you believe it? This precious baby girl turned one a little over a week ago! Time is most certainly not on my side.

She started walking about a month ago and is also quite the climber. As she has become more mobile, it has been a lot of fun to watch her interaction develop more with the boys. I'm not sure there's anything better as a parent than watching your children build friendships and develop loving relationships with one another. Makes this mama's heart melt.

This is one of her favorite faces to make while breathing in and out quickly through her nose. She mainly makes it just to get a reaction. I have made trips to the grocery store where the majority of the time this is what she's doing...and her audience is more than willing to respond.

She continues to be such a delight to us all! Playing peek-a-boo is one of her favorite games. She likes to look at books, watch out the windows, play with her brothers, and snuggle with mommy and daddy. She has also started offering kisses on her own!

Abigail Ruth, you are a treasure from God. Your happiness and sweet nature are contagious. I am so thankful that God placed you in our family. I pray that you always know the love we have for you and the overwhelming love that your Heavenly Father has for you. You will always be my special girl. I love you, sweetheart!



Carl8ta said...

wow - 1 already! I know you know this - but I haffta just say it - she's precious!

Jolanthe said...

That is the cutest little face - and I can almost hear her making the noise to go along with it! :)


Cheryl said...

Happy Birthday Abigail! What a sweetie! so C-U-T-E!

Crystal said...

She could totally be on the cover of a baby magazine. Absolutely squeezable. Happy Birthday, Abigail!