Thursday, September 3, 2009

Imagination Station

Imagination. The stuff that makes childhood. There's been lots of it this summer. Which makes me happy. Except when outfits are being changed three times a day. Then I remind myself that it's time to teach Caleb how to do his own wash.

The boys reenacting the story of The Good Samaritan.

It's nothing to find Caleb in some variation of this "getup" as he pretends he's in the Civil War. Currently his favorite time period. Although, I don't think they had crocs back then.

He loves to get the little ones involved. Yes, even Abigail. Here I believe she was their field nurse during a reenactment of some battle.

Speaking of laundry, we even have issues with the clean stuff. The boys piled on layers of clothing to be big sumo wrestlers. Watching them walk was probably the funniest thing.

Ah, librarian Caleb. With the pen in his pocket.

Obviously tying a necktie is also on the list of things to learn.

One of my personal favorites, the big brothers. Because they had "big muscles". Otherwise known as more clean laundry.

Clearly I need to find another spot for clothes waiting to be folded other than the couch. Or maybe not. It's seems to be so inspiring.

I love this boy's creativity and imagination. Such special gifts from God.



The Blossoming Skillet said...

They crack me up!

Nothing like pulling up to your house this summer being greeted by Cowboys.......and the need to run:).

BT and Jessica said...

Too stinking fun!