Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Meet Lenny

Lenny, meet world. World, meet Lenny.

Not your average butterfly.

We returned from a jaunt in the park this morning to find that this little beauty had kicked his chrysalis crib to the curb. It was patiently waiting for us in a jar on our kitchen table.

A friend blessed us with a Monarch caterpillar and we've had fun turning the experience into an unplanned unit study on butterflies. Hands on learning at its best! *grin*

Anyway, in the short hours that we've known him, Lenny has quickly endeared himself to our family.

Although I use the term "himself" loosely - we are having a difficult time determining "his" actual gender despite the research we have done.

Gender or not, Caleb quickly named it Lenny. Of all the names in the world and in our imagination, we pick Lenny. *No offense to any and all persons named Lenny. The name just doesn't speak, um, butterfly to me.*

This has got a child's book with the theme of redemption written all over it. Kind of an ugly duckling on steroids type of story. Lenny the Butterfly.

Just remember, you heard about it here first.

Caleb has grown extremely attached to it. And honestly, I think the little guy has become attached to him.

But then again, maybe I've just watched too many Disney movies.

The man cub has been talking about visiting Mexico and maybe running into Lenny. You can only imagine our discussion about butterfly life spans. But, he was intrigued by the thought that maybe next year we'd find one of Lenny's great-great grandchildren in our yard. I hope he always has such a tender heart.

And as a mom, I can't help but wish we had some wild tale about a butterfly who wouldn't migrate so we had to set up a special home for it. I know it's not God's way in nature, but it sure would make one little boy I know so very happy.

It would make a nice book, too.


P.S. Sorry about the quality of pictures. I'm still having issues with my computer and used these from my cell phone.


The Blossoming Skillet said...

Is Lenny coming to mom's house on Saturday? :). He can share the room with us.

Jamerrill Stewart said...

I LOVE your writing friend :)