Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Farewell To Summer 2009

Last year I posted a few somethings that happened during summer 2008. So I thought I'd share a few somethings from summer 2009. Makes sense, right?

Maybe not, sense may or may not be something I'm accused of possessing...like when I
put a wig on my baby. It still makes me snicker.

Until I think of my baby being compared to George Costanza's mother (Seinfeld).

My summer somethings. Version 2009.

  • Something I found - a love for the Waltons tv series, I had never watched it until this summer
  • Something I lost - a lot of vegetables in our garden to our abundance of town wildlife
  • Something I learned - when Samuel draws on himself it releases an inner tribal instinct, complete with grunting and muscle making
  • Something I wish I could forget - seven toys can fit in my toilet drain, it's now a known fact
  • Something fun - staying up all night playing board games with my brothers and sisters
  • Something not so fun - getting up at the crack of dawn with little ones after playing games all night with my brothers and sisters
  • Something I worried about - Samuel's broken arm
  • Something that drove me to my knees - the direction of our country
  • Something sweet - the flowers and gift already waiting for me at our restaurant table on our anniversary
  • Something ugly - my dental bills and the work I still need to have done
  • Something I coveted- a Jersey milk cow (and land, still)
  • Something scary - when Samuel almost drowned!
  • Something that made me happy - my sweet, wonderful babies (all 3)
  • Something unexpected - Caleb's unending appetite when it came to reading
  • Something I finished - unpacking all the boxes from our kitchen renovation (from last summer)
  • Something I tried - cloth diapers and I think we're ready to commit
  • Something I made - canned goodies, like pickled peppers, peach jam, pasta sauce...

Goodnight, Jim Bob. Goodnight, Mary Ellen.

Goodnight, summer.



Anonymous said...

Cloth diapers???? Really??? Again, you'll have to share your wisdom! (Bring said wisdom to my house tommorow...making a choc. cake, yum-o!)Jamerrill