Friday, June 20, 2008

"Hoo" Knew Learning Was So Fun...

We have really enjoyed our homeschool journey thus far and the various learning opportunities it presents us with that we wouldn't normally have if we were in public school, especially as we focus on God's creation. To cap off the "end" of the year, we had a friend over and dissected owl pellets together. Owl what, you say? Owl pellets.

No, it's not owl poop, it is owl throw up. I know, makes it soooo much better, right? :)

Caleb learned about owls and food chains and this was how we ended his study. It actually was a really great project and the boys found some really cool bones, including whole rat skulls. I can feel the cringes and collective winces now - don't worry they were fumigated by the company that collects them. Oh, the things you do for hands-on learning experiences...seriously though, we will do it again in the next couple of years.

Caleb dissecting his owl pellet.

My mom did this with my youngest brother and was excited Caleb would do it. However, she failed to mention a few things. She claims to have forgotten, so okay, we'll give her the benefit of the doubt... ;) She also said I would forget and someday someone would blame me for not telling them a few things, so with that in mind...

I would now like to document for the record for all future participants of this activity...they have a distinct odor. It's not overbearing or anything - it actually took quite a bit of time for me to actually get a whiff. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of leaning very closely to the thing to help Caleb pick something apart (while still pregnant-but I don't think that mattered), took a deep breath, and BAM, it hit me. Now, Caleb's friend had already mentioned the smell, but I hadn't had the pleasure of it wafting through my nostrils. Perhaps I was too caught up in the all the rodent fur and not letting myself gag and look like a sissy in front of my first-born. :)

Anyway, there you have it. I highly recommend doing this activity - just thought you should be prepared if you do! Happy dissecting and bone picking!