Thursday, June 19, 2008

Someone Hit Pause...

Oh to be able to stop time just for a little bit. Not life, just time. That I could soak in everything going on and hold onto these moments a little bit longer before they fade. So here are some random snippets I want to remember, hopefully I'll be able to add some pictures soon...

Abigail, the small miracle that God has added to our family. She is so tiny and sweet. The wonderful newborn smell. The soft coos and fussing. Her bright, alert eyes. The minute I looked at her I knew the name we had chosen was definitely meant for her. It was like her name resonated through my whole being when I saw her face. I knew it wasn't just a mother's bias about her beauty when the nurses began talking about how cute she was and she hadn't even been cleaned off yet. Richie's voice when he saw her dimples in the delivery room. The amazing love I have for my daughter already.

Caleb's whole demeanor when he holds Abigail. It is priceless. He loves her so much and is so proud. Very protective. He is certain that he knows exactly what she likes and needs already. He is so gentle with her. He loves to hold her and lay with her.

Samuel's laugh when he watches her. His intrigue by this little person and the things she does, the noises she makes. He asked to have her sit by him in a chair and asked her what movie she wanted to watch with him. He is constantly offering her whatever he's snacking on at the moment.

The strange, yet wonderful and somewhat overwhelming feeling of now being a family of five. I have to be honest and admit that the thought of me out with the three kids is somewhat daunting - which I will probably laugh at one day. I also have to be honest in admitting that I am concerned about making sure each of my kids has enough mommy time and knows and feels mommy's love.

The extra measure of patience God has blessed me with for my children during this transitional time (hoping it will last!). Seeing the hands of Jesus at work in our lives through our friends and family - meals, watching the boys, mowing our grass, gifts. What blessings! I cannot even begin to put into words what it has meant to us.

I know there' s so much more, I'll have to get them down as I remember them.


Karen said...


I have told everyone that she is the absolute prettiest baby i have ever seen..........mmmmmmmm...cant see where it comes from...hahaha...ok had to get that in less you get all puffy and proud - like its US - as we moms do. HA! (thank GOD for mercy and grace and for beautiful babies...oh and for brothers who love her even when they are trying to jump OVER her....kaBAM....:o))