Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Progress Continues

The past few days have been so busy as we await our impending arrival. I don't even think I can remember everything we've gotten done, but I know I feel better about what has been accomplished. Still so much to do, but I guess that really never ends. Laying the carpet got postponed again - it will be after baby comes now. And no word on the kitchen cabinets. What can I say, I like living on the edge. Babies, renovating, you name it, we'll try it and all at once apparently.

I have been having contractions for a period every day and find myself often wondering, "Is this it?" Obviously, not yet. With the heat, I have begun wishing it would be soon. You know, I was supposed to be able to miss out being extremely pregnant in 100 degree weather. What's up with that?! :)

We got the kiddie pool set up and the boys have enjoyed cooling off in that. I finally bought popsicles and have to admit, yesterday I think we ended up having three throughout the day. I was so hot and couldn't resist. Great mom, huh.

Saturday, I finished getting the kids' closet organized. Lifted way too many boxes on shelves though. I froze 13 pints of strawberries and made three dinners - two to freeze for after the baby and one for that night. I'm hoping to get a couple more frozen, but we'll see. Finally started packing the hospital bag.

Caleb enjoyed a break from the normal routine as he went away for two nights to VBS camp with church. Samuel was up to his normal business of making sure I had more than enough diversity in cleaning. "Flooding" the bathroom was on the top of his to-do list.

Trying to stay cool has been on the top of mine. I splurged and took the boys to "Pump It Up" for their summer drop-in play time on Monday. I thought air conditioning for me and energy outlet for them. Can't beat that! What I did not realize is how much help Samuel would need on the slide and that I would have to go with him. Yes, picture my pregnant self climbing up that thing and then sliding (very quickly) down. Add the fact that we flew over the edge to a two foot drop every single time...let's just say I had visions of delivering the baby on that slide. Not pretty. My body has still not recovered. Ah, the things you do for your kids.

I woke up at 5 am this morning with contractions and decided to get a few things cleaned up, just in case. Laundry, sweeping, cleaning, making sure diapers for Samuel are stocked, etc. Yeah well, she's still not here. I'm beginning to hope all these contractions mean that when she does come, the majority of the work involved with labor will be done. :) Wouldn't that be so efficient of my body - spread it out of a period of time instead of all at once. Hey, doesn't sound bad to me!

I am thankful at the end of each day to get a bit more done, but I think I'm beginning to get a bit impatient. Just when will she join us? It's like I'm ready, but another week would be okay I guess. Weird, huh? I'm 38 weeks now, so it could be two more weeks or if she's late...four. Ugh! I have to remind myself, how many times in life do I get to feel this sense of anticipation though? Not very often, so I'm trying to enjoy it.