Sunday, August 24, 2008

Random Confessions

  • I gave birth 2 1/2 months ago and still look like I am 6 months pregnant.
  • I ate 5 roasted marshmallows last night and enjoyed every bite, even though I still look like I'm incubating.
  • I wondered what it really would be like to wash the toilet with my husband's toothbrush one day this week...I did say wondered.
  • My husband did something really nice for me this week.
  • The smiles on my kids faces brought me joy this week.
  • I smiled at God.
  • I like musicals.
  • Even though I'm a stay-at-home Mom, I still wish I had spent more time with the kids this week.
  • I am a recovering perfectionist.
  • My house is completely unorganized right now and the clutter is so bothering me.
  • I questioned God this week.
  • I am so overwhelmed by God's love for me and all mankind.
  • I compared myself to other moms this week. a lot.
  • I returned my library books two days late.
  • I took an IQ test this week.
  • I want to be more fierce in my pursuit of the Lord.
  • I forgot directions to where I was going this week. Twice.
  • I officially joined the thirty-something club this week. 31.
  • Sometimes I don't want to be mature. I want to throw a hissy fit.
  • I have considered running out my back door this week and yelling, "JESUS", as loud as I could while dancing.
  • I really like peanut butter.


Karen said...

you forgot to write that you played hookey from a meeting that i KNOW you were supposed to attend and i even promised to babysit, giving up MY seat at the same meeting..................*grin*

Jamerrill Stewart said...

I enjoyed the confessions :-) And by the time you have your 3rd's OK to have that "incubating" look alittle've worked hard! GO JO-MAMA!!!

Your Friend Always,


Jo Ann said...

Your generosity and willingness to sacrifice your seat to me is once again humbling...*big grin*

Jolanthe said... least someone (who should have KNOWN better) didn't come up to you in church yesterday and ask if you were expecting again.

She was in the operating room when I had my TUBES TIED, for Pete's sake!