Thursday, August 14, 2008

Westmoreland Park

We also went to Westmoreland Park last week. It is a VA State Park by the Potomac River (kind of near Richmond) and they have an area there known as Fossil Beach. You're supposed to be able to find prehistoric shark teeth and other things like that. We had a lot of fun. The water was warm and it was not crowded.

The guys hunting for shark teeth.

None of us found a shark tooth, but a generous man gave us one...after he found it like right in front of Richie and the boys...and I gave him the stink eye. Kidding, I didn't give the ol' stink eye, but I did watch him and I think he felt guilty. I mean, come on, he had dozens in his pocket and we had none!

Samuel having fun.

We borrowed kitchen strainers from my mom (I would take flat surfaced sifters next time) and Caleb found sea glass (lots of that!) and a fossil of some thing. It was perfect excursion for our budding archaeologist. I found the broken tooth of some creature that was definitely not a shark. I would love to know what its previous owner looked like because people have found parts from whales, crocodiles, and other interesting animals that obviously do not live there now and it was fairly big.

Check out that dimple!

It was Abigail's first time in the surf and sand. She did well, but did end up with sand all over one of her fists. I put her too close to the edge of the towel, oops! I personally found the combination of listening to the water lap, a gentle breeze, warm sun, and no chance of taking a nap to be cruel and unusual punishment...but I managed to have fun anyway... ;)