Monday, August 18, 2008

Vaccination Alteration - Part One

Ah, the great debate. Or at least one of the great parenting debates of our time. Vaccinations.

It's a touchy subject and a decision each parent must make on their own based on a variety of circumstances in their lives. I personally have found it difficult to become educated on the subject or at least able to learn enough that I feel like I'm making a somewhat educated decision.
When I am presented with something, I like to take my time and get a feel for both sides. Many times I fall "on the fence" because of this, which is a difficult place to be...seeing both sides. I guess people view it as being wishy-washy, I think of it as insurance against mob mentality and many self-induced kicks to my bottom. *grin* I found myself there once again with the vaccine issue.

I was not comfortable with vaccines and not comfortable without them. So, now with baby number three all the issues come up again. But this time, a friend recommended reading The Vaccine Book by Dr. Sears (another library borrow) as it offered an alternative vaccine schedule and had some really good information in it.

Gotta admit that got my attention. Alternative schedule? You mean I have a choice, what a novel thought. ;) It never occurred to me that there were also different brands and that each would have different ingredients. Isn't it crazy how we just accept things sometimes?! How many times have I done that in my life, especially when it comes to something that is contrary to one of God's truths or promises?

As I read the book, I alternated being grossed out by the disease a vaccine provided protection against and then the ingredients of said vaccine. It was quite interesting and made me slightly wish I was a scientist. He does a good job of presenting factual information for parents to make informed decisions about vaccinations and their children.

He is pro-vaccine, but it does not effect the format in which the material is presented. I learned so much. It provided enough information for me to make a decision concerning Abigail and her vaccinations that I feel more comfortable with than with the boys. His website/blog does have some interesting reading, but was thisclose to having too much of a marketing feel to it for me.

Anyway, I recommend this for any parent who wants to become more educated about their child's health, regardless of how you feel about vaccines. I'll have to tell you later what we have decided to do.