Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Multiple Choice

Which answer best describes this picture?

This is:

A) The newest version of Baby Laugh-n-Grow

B) A desperate attempt to quiet Richie's constant comparison of his haircut with Abigail's

C) A strange outlet for Jo Ann's love of red hair

D) A homeschool science experiment gone terribly wrong

E) None of the above


Anonymous said...

Abigail, I think you should dye your hair back to dark brown.

That wig looks itchy.

Jessica said...

That is seriously too weird. Poor Abigail... haha
There's this Seinfeld episode where George's girlfriend had a doll that looked eerily like his mother. That's what Abigail reminded me of.
Anyways, I miss and love you and your crazy family :)

Karen said...

tanner LOVED the picture this morning....."WHO Is that?"

"Look closely Tanner"

"Oh my...ITs Abigail..."