Tuesday, November 11, 2008

100th Post

So, this is my 100th post. And from what I gather, this is supposed to be a momentous occasion in my bloggy world.

I've got a gazillion different other things I would like to get down before I forget, but I will take a moment of reflection and jot a few things down for the sake of posterity about my blogerrific thoughts.

1. I could get so caught up in this whole blog world. Too much of a good thing is bad. It's wild to think I didn't know (or really want to know) that this world existed 6 months ago. Really, the last thing I need is something else to distract me from my home, my family, and my God. Yet, here I am...

2. I hate to even admit this, but I feel like I'm connected in some sort of weird way. (Seriously, how excited should I be when I see a comment - pathetic, I know.) It's odd. It's encouraging to know that there are other women going through many of the same things I am and to see how God is working in and through them. Let's be honest, being at home full-time is not easy and it can be lonely, no matter how much you enjoy it.

3. In defense of lurking...insecurity still remains in this virtual world. That doesn't define all lurking, but I'm not too quick to come out of my anonymity. It's made me wonder how in the world this happened...I used to be so wide open. And really, it's still way too easy to compare yourself to others, something else I don't need.

4. I am seriously contemplating my direction and whether I should keep posting. This is why I do:

  • My hope is that one day my kids will be able to look back and see what their mom was about, her struggles, her thoughts, her love, etc. I don't know if I'm capturing it or not.
  • My hope is that my friends and family will have an small idea of what's going on with us and how to pray for us. That they can share in our laughs and trials.
  • My hope is that someone, somewhere will receive encouragement through my life. Which in typing that, I just feel the weight of that comment. My knee jerk reaction is that no one could ever possibly gain something from it. But, I know that God isn't done with me yet and I'm confident that He will continue working on me until the end. Now that's encouraging! :)
Ah, my thoughts. What a challenging, perplexing bit of me. So, here we have it. My 100th.



Jessica said...

I like the tunes that play. We started singing the Mighty To Save song at church. :)
We normally sing mostly hymns so I was surprised to recognize this song when it started!

Karen said...

congrats on your 100th blog...i deem that as important as a coach's 100th win!!!!....hahaha...figured you'd appreciate THAT analogy....so look at it this way - you are AHEAD of your hubby - he has not won 100 yet right? so KEEP GOING!!! oh a little familial competition is healthy.....lol

i enjoy the blogs....its fun to read - just to encourage you.....

Jolanthe @ No Ordinary Moments said...

remind me to tell you about the books you can publish by "slurping" your blog!