Friday, November 14, 2008

A Day At The Park

One recent Sunday afternoon we took the kids to a local park we don't normally visit. It's got a huge playground that is so much fun.

Caleb hanging out.

That's my boy!

Samuel showing his skills.

Makes me want to kiss his sweet face.

Abigail used her time to catch up on some sleep.

Richie and Samuel having fun on the slide.

I heard an odd noise as they disappeared around the bend of the slide and became concerned when I never saw them exit. This is what I found at the bottom of the slide.

It was a beautiful fall day enjoyed by all!


pyrotechny said...

That park used to be, literally, in our backyard, fortunately we moved about the time our son became fully aware of it! So I think about you often, living where you do. Brave. Very Brave.

Amy @ Finer Things said...

SUCH great pictures!

Thank you for the birthday wishes.

Cheryl said...

LOVE all these pictures! What a grreat day!