Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Say What?

Confession time. Again. And this one's bad. I didn't even tell Richie yet. Now he'll know.

It makes me very uncomfortable. I'm beginning to squirm.

It's dramatic. I keep hearing Jack Nicholson yelling, "You can't handle the truth!" * Insert me with my head in my heads crying, "I know!" * Sorry, I'm having a moment...

It's especially embarassing since I was shocked and kind of displeased when two Salvation Army ringers wished me a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I mean, Happy Thanksgiving would have sufficed. It made me feel rushed. Anyway, I digress.


I actually had the urge to put up our Christmas tree this weekend.

There I said it. Go ahead, cast your stones. I should cast some stones at myself because I really don't want to hear Christmas music until the Friday after Thanksgiving. I think it should be banned - now, all you Christmas lovers who listen to holiday music year round can cast your stones.

I don't know why, but this year I have felt particularly festive. Eagerly anticipating the "holidays". There have been years when we didn't even put up a tree. *Gasp. Again.* Listen, I'm of the mindset that if we are not going to be home on Christmas, why do I have to unpack it all and then put it away again just because I'll look like the Grinch.

Can't you see the resemblance? Don't answer that.

Which by the way, I just happen to love How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Can't tell you why, I just do. In fact, I think it can be a great conversation starter for some biblical training. But, I digress again.

Grinch aside. I feel ready to decorate and enjoy the season with my family and friends. We are trying to simplify even more this year. Focusing more on the birth of Christ and what that means to our family. To the world, really.

I just can't believe that I feel like joining Wal-Mart's time frame for it all...

P.S. If you have already put up a Christmas tree, please don't be offended. I would love to come stare at it and get my fix. ;)


pyrotechny said...

I hear you! I now have my own reason to "wait" because Isaac's birthday is 11/27...which this year is Turkey day! So I will be able to do "it" that Saturday! Whoo hoo! (and we bit the bullet and bought a fake tree last year...so I really mean it!) smile

Karen said...

i am working diligently on my homemade napkins and greg is carving still one MORE nutcracker. glad you finally caught on.....*grin*

yeah right.......

little sis said...

I'm in the mood to jo, however, I made too much fun with my husband about his parents putting up their decorations Nov. 1st last year that we are waiting also. Just get your fix by working on your gifts.....or hang up a turkey tree.