Friday, November 14, 2008

Jo's Show and Tell

Okay, so here are a few things I have "discovered" while surfing around that I wanted to share. Hope you have fun!

1. For all you Jane Austen fans... take this quiz and find out which Austen heroine you are most like.

I am Marianne Dashwood!

Take the Quiz here!

Can't say I know what that really "means", but hey, I have friends who love this one's for you!

2. Homeschoolers - Have you checked out Homeschool Freebie of The Day? Each day they offer a new resource. Some of it is pretty neat.

3. I saw this idea for a simple, homemade "dollhouse" at Having Fun At Home. I think boys would enjoy these too! You could use cut outs from magazines, also. She also has some other really neat (and cheap/free) ideas that I hope to incorporate for family fun some time.

4. On most Mondays, Weeping Cherries does Mason Jar Monday. I love it! Got an empty mason jar you want to do something with? Check it out! Update: Jen will be doing a Christmas theme starting this Monday. Can I just say mega-major fun!

5. Are you a Christian who likes real rap music? Jess at Making Home recommended checking out the rap artist, LeCrae. Yes, this little homeschooling mama really likes this. You may be hearing him soon on my playlist! I love Fanatic and Rebel sounds great!



pyrotechny said...

NOPE! Most all of my mason jars are FULL!

Jo Ann said...

I'm glad yours are full! :) There is just something I love about mason jars. Warm memories I guess. I love to see rows of canned jars, they're beautiful to me!

weepingcherries said...

Hey Jo Ann, I just found your link! I thought I would let you know starting this Monday and every Monday leading up until Christmas I am going to have A Very Merry Mason Jar Monday with ideas for Seasonal Mason Jars. Stay tuned. By the way you have great links here! I love Making Home and the others you posted. Also- can I just say your Samuels curls are angelic. I love them!
Jen at Weeping Cherries