Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Is 3 The New "Big"?

Last Friday, I was able to take the kids to visit Richie at school. Something we don't do very often. It was a good visit, but there happened to be a very common trend that left me a little baffled. Likewise, the faculty of the school appeared quite shocked.

Forget baggy pants and revealing shirts. Forget the forest of piercings and the all too prevalent crude language.

It was my three kids. Well, not my children themselves - of course, the fact that we homeschool does open up quite a door there. No, it was just the fact that we have three children. There were comments from at least 6 different adults on the size of our family. Apparently, we are a large family. *crickets chirping* Huh?

So I'm left 3 the new "big"?



pyrotechny said...

ROFL! I know you read my post, so you know what I think (grin).
I WaS officially told by my pediatrician when I brought my fourth child into his office for the first time. "you know, you officially are a Large family" Incredulous, I'm sure my mouth dropped, as I said. "really?"
Guess you'll have to keep hanging out with all o' us who have MORE so that you feel "small". LOL! We'll take ya'! (of course you know, in homeschooling circles, anything over 8 is Big )

Crystal said...

Corbin's scout troop in TN was made up primarily of Catholic families - 12 kids, 11 kids, 8 kids, etc. It was interesting to be the "small" family with our mere 5 children.

I say with the cuteness quality of your clan, 3 should just be the beginning. ;-)