Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Where I Done Been

Or maybe I should just ask, where haven't I been? It feels like I have been going non-stop these past weeks. For someone who has started becoming somewhat of a homebody, not a good feeling.

Or maybe it's not that I'm really becoming a homebody, maybe it's just easier to keep my three young'uns at home. Contained. *wink*

Abigail turned 9 months and is doing so well. She's fighting a cold right now, but continues to be a doll. She has truly spoiled me. I love this little daughter of mine so much. She has such a great personality.

Samuel has been sick the past few days. These past few, very long days. The little guy has been miserable. I've felt so bad for him. Now we're treating a double ear infection from the junk he had. We've also been having some speech evaluations done. He has cooperated really well and everyone just loves him. He is such a sweet little man.

Caleb has been doing really well with his schoolwork and I keep seeing glimpses of maturity that make me so proud. We're working on an allowance system right now and I think I've just about got it ready. Just a few charts to make. Not sure how it came up, but he wants to design a wheelchair swing that we could put down at the park where we live. Touching this mama's heart, I tell ya! *grin*

Richie...wait, Richie who? Ha, ha, ho, ho, hee, hee, ha, hee, ho. Ah, if I didn't laugh about it, I'm not sure what I'd do. Baseball season is in full swing and my man is MIA. The kids are doing pretty well adjusting this year (so far), I think I'm the one with the biggest problem. I'm tired and lonely. Ha, hee, hee, ha, ho, ho...

And as for me, I've been reacquainting myself with the costly world of dentistry. I've got to get some work done and my pockets are becoming as jittery as I am about getting it completed. I mean, don't get me wrong, there would be a cost for me to stick my hands in a bunch of people's mouths all day long, but ouch!

And as it turns out, when God tells you that it will be a year of beginnings, there are also endings. I know, what are the odds. *wry grin* It's kind of like when you are moving physical locations and you start cleaning out your old place...did you know that was behind the fridge?!

Richie and I went canoeing with a group several years ago. They ended up running out of canoes, so we volunteered to go in the inner tubes they offered. I moved at a snail's pace compared to those canoes, but Richie, poor guy was a sloth. They tied an extra inner tube to his in case one of ours popped and I remember watching him get further and further behind. The Lord used that to minister to me about the baggage and junk we carry in our lives and how it effects our pursuit of the Lord.

I was unprepared for the circumstances in which (more of) my junk is being revealed, but it is my heart's cry to come before God with a pure heart. With that in mind, I say, "Okay, Lord. It may not be pretty, it may not feel good, but if it makes me look more like you, then let's do this thang." I hold tightly onto His promise of beginnings and His hand. Even when I want to scream about things being unfair and too painful. When I want to just be mad. When I want to throw the world's biggest pity party. Even when, I just want to give up.

His promises and His hand are still there. 'Cause He's faithful like that.

Man, I love God.

And that, my friends, is a taste of where I done been lately.



pyrotechny said...

Oh, there you are!
I am so glad to be walking with you girl! Love you more.

Crystal said...

If you're ever needing some company on these lonely baseball days, come on over. :) Seriously.

Karen said...

keep paddling on that canoe/inner tube, girl...u b doin' good....If you had FACEBOOK it would make you LESS lonely...i promise...it is THE answer to all of life's ills...look at ALL the "friends" I have that you dont....*smile* there is a verse in Revelation in the AMP that talks about it...oh, thats right, once again you are WAAAAY behind in true maturity...WHEN you see the light and join FB i will teach you about the NEXT level of perfection.......FB calls.."COME HITHER JOANNE...COME HITHER..." until you get that revelation, I will keep praying for you....

*HUGE GRIN* and trusting YOU are smiling too.........

Davene said...

I just wanted to say a huge thanks again for the gift cards! They were a very happy part of my birthday yesterday. :)

The Blossoming Skillet said...

Saw this quote and thought of you.

Don't be embarrassed to turn to God in moments of maternal desperation--even the ones that seem a little silly--like spilt milk.
~Julie Ann Barnhill

The Blossoming Skillet said...

I miss you. :(. what if we compromise and you don't have to write, you can just post pics of you and the kids and all of us can just guess what is happeneing?

I want to see that new hair cut.