Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Whisper and A Seed

It's amazing how one whisper from the Lord can completely change my frame of mind. Not shocking from the One who formed the earth by words alone, I know. But I am amazed nonetheless.

Amazed that a seven word sentence from the Father whispered to my heart immediately awakens my spirit and casts off plaguing thoughts. Financial fretting. Loneliness. A bit of weariness. A spoonful of envy.

Sounds like I've been loading my plate from the enemy's buffet instead of dining at the Father's banquet table, huh? Let's just say I've been fighting a bit of discouragement and leave it at that.

But then, God speaks. Don't you just love the "But thens"? Also known as the "And yets." So then, God speaks:

Jo Ann, this is a year of beginnings.

And though I do not know what that really entails, hope and anticipation are planted.



Crystal said...

Great post, Jo Ann. I love how God can speak volumes in so few words.

P.S. Love your music. Lecrae lives in our old stompin' grounds. We saw him in concert in August. :)

Christin said...