Thursday, September 23, 2010

I'd Rather Have a Tooth Pulled

If you ever hear me say that, you'll know it is a serious, serious matter.  Either that or I'm in serious need of having some sense knocked into me.  Let the Spirit lead you.

After having a year and a half of issues with a tooth, it was extracted today.  Two days after I had oral surgery to determine the source of my trouble.  Until today, there were no answers as to why I was experiencing pain, infection, and bone loss.

When the tooth was removed, perforations in the tooth that were never sealed from a root canal were discovered and determined to be the root of the problem.  Pun totally intended.

As the pain medication and numbing agents wear off and I realize I have another two hours before I can take anything, I'm developing a new life strategy.  Having a tooth pulled could be my new motivator.  My new measurement.

For example, would I rather sit in traffic for an hour or have a tooth pulled?  

Or...would I rather spend the night with someone throwing up all over me or have a tooth pulled?

Discover my shirt is inside out after speaking in public or have a tooth pulled?

Puts a whole new perspective on things.  Gotta clean out a freezer that broke while we were on vacation?  No problem.  Match up 40 pairs of almost-identical-but-not-quite socks?  Piece of cake.     

So I'll choose to focus on that instead of the fact that I cannot have the one thing I was looking forward to today (outside of the normal hugging my kids responses) because I'm not allowed to drink through a straw for 24 hours.  

A milkshake, or five, would've made this so much better. 



Jamerrill said...

Oh my goodness...laughed until I peed here...hope you get that milkshake SOON!