Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Stinky Week At Our House

No, literally a stinky week at our house.  The olfactory system has been getting quite the workout around here recently.

First, my house smells like onions.  It's what happens when a large mass of onions are diced up in order to be dehydrated.  And let me tell ya, my pregnant nose and stomach really do not like the smell of a large mass of diced onions.

The outside of our home smells like onions, too.  We put the dehydrator on the front porch so the heat doesn't affect our kitchen and you can actually smell onions in the backyard.  Lovely.

As a side note, I also cook with my crock pot on the front porch in the summer to avoid the extra heat in the kitchen. It's a great! Especially when you do not have an air conditioner near your kitchen.

So, I'm beginning to wonder if we smell like onions.  Would someone we know tell us?  But then again, how do you begin THAT conversation?  Maybe they just thought we had a loaded onion omelette for breakfast.  Or an onion smoothie perhaps.

I think I just almost made myself gag on the onion smoothie thing.  Sorry.

Now the good news bedroom does NOT smell like onions. 

The bad news is that Abigail dumped strawberry flavored fish oil on the carpet in our bedroom.  

Wanna guess what our room smells like now?  Why do I feel like I'm the only one stuff like this happens to sometimes?  Anyway, it has been our hope to replace the flooring in our room some time soon (well, at least since a flooring guy we know told us the carpet would be bare soon), but until we can scrounge up gather that money, I need some good ideas on how to get the smell of fish oil out of carpet. 

Anyone have a good solution?  I would be ever so grateful.



jac. said...

try powdering it with baking soda or boil some vinegar and then put the pot in the room. vinegar sucks up smells, just put it above little fingers.