Friday, September 3, 2010

From Their Mouths

The boys have said a few things in the last week about the new baby, pregnancy, etc. that I want to jot down before I forget...
Last Friday morning I was explaining to Samuel that we'd be going to see pictures of the new baby.  I reminded him of when we went to see Abigail's ultrasound and saw the baby's hands and feet and he was super excited.  Then he told me that he wanted a boy baby, that we needed a boy baby.

When I asked him why, he said we already had a girl baby, so we needed a boy baby.  I told him that I had two boy babies - a Caleb boy baby and a Samuel boy baby.  He started laughing very hard and then reminded his silly mommy that he and Caleb were not babies.

No, Samuel dear, you'll always be my baby.
In the ultrasound room both boys cheered when they heard we were having a boy.  I didn't know Caleb had a preference either way until then.

That night he shared with me that God had answered (in the affirmative) one of his prayers.  Apparently he had been praying that we would have a boy.
Richie asked both of the boys what they thought we should name baby boy.  

Samuel:  Diego - yes, as in everybody's favorite animal rescue hero
Caleb: John - because he decided he liked that better than his name

Which leads me to something interesting I've watched with Caleb through each of my pregnancies.  He tests out new names.  In Kindergarten, he decided to change his name to Zach.  He was in public school then and thankfully had a wonderful teacher who handled it really well when one of her students kept writing a different name on his papers.  It went on for several weeks and then just kind of went away.

During Abigail's pregnancy, he wanted to be called Jeb.  It didn't last nearly as long.  So I guess now he's outgrown the phase of "trying on" names and can just verbalize that he thinks he likes a different name more.
Caleb started telling me that there should be 10 kids in the family.  When my eyeballs came out of my head and threatened to attack him he brought the number down to six.  He has also informed me that I should be pregnant by July next year.  My eyeballs restrained themselves from inflicting bodily harm on the child, but they wanted to, I just know it.  And Samuel keeps telling me that we should have more babies, too.  
The boys are so sweet.  Talking to the baby, hugging my belly.  Caleb gets really concerned if I'm doing something he thinks might hurt the baby or me.  I love being able to see this side of them!  Gives me great hope for their future wives. *smile*  I also pray its the beginning of beautiful and lasting sibling relationships.