Monday, August 16, 2010

Name Game

Or more aptly named More Than You Wanted To Know About Names In My Life.

As we anticipate the arrival of our next little one, names (imagine that) are on my mind.  Or at least I'm thinking about names in our family.  Waiting for God to reveal His chosen name for this child.  And for some reason I'm a little impatient right now.

Perhaps because it would reveal the gender of this child.  Maybe because we see the direct connection between the meaning of names and the personalities of our children.  

As we wait, here are some of things that have crossed my mind as I've thought about names.  

  • The names of my children have gained one letter in length in succession.  5, 6, and 7...will child number four's name be eight letters long?
  • There were 6 children in my family growing up.  All of our names start with the letter "J".
  • My first name is Jo and my middle name is Ann.  I was named after my father, Joseph Anthony.
  • I love the name Jo, but have gone by Jo Ann for so long it almost seems foreign to try to go by it now.  Not to mention the fact that when I was in fifth grade I asked to go by "Jo" one day and the teacher made fun of it all day long.
  • All of our children's names -first and middle- can be found in the Old Testament up to this point.  Not really on purpose, it's just the way it's happened. 
  • My Puerto Rican grandmother's name is Jenny and my Anglo-Saxon grandmother's name is Juanita.  That has always cracked me up.
Now that I've completely bored you, do you have anything interesting about names in your family?



Karen said...

all my siblings names have five letters - useless fact for this saturday night........;o) oh and they are ALL boring - david, karen, brian, janet uncreative my parents mom did not want us to have a difficult time, in kindergarten, learning how to spell our names...;o)