Sunday, August 15, 2010

Of Pearly Whites and Parenting

We forgot to have the kids brush their teeth tonight.  Nobody remembered as we were quickly ushering them into bed at 9:00 pm after baths from the long (but fun) day. 

Well, no one remembered until 10:00 pm when the boys were still awake and realized their teeth had been neglected.  I'm not sure I've seen them so enthusiatic about brushing their teeth since we made the rule that whomever comes back with a no cavity report from the dentist gets to pick something at the dollar store. 

I could feel guilty, but I've decided I'm not going there.  I'm thinking that if that is the biggest parenting "mistake" I made today, then we're not doing too bad.  

It's part of a new stand I'm taking against common maladies of the human mother, this one being mommy guilt.  Its nasty hooks and traps willing to ensnare any compliant mother.  After careful thought and consideration, I've come to the conclusion that I'm really not that into it and it needs to go.  I realize that mommy guilt will likely try to bare its nasty teeth -he nevers brushes- for as long as I'm a mother (read: forever), but whatever.

Two words...buh-bye.