Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Slap In The Face(book)

I realized about an hour ago that neither of my phones rang today.  Isn't that weird?  Not even a person trying to sell insurance or cheap medications to any person over 65 in our home.  It was actually pretty nice since I would guess 90% of our calls are solicitors.  

That really has nothing to do with this post, but it did get me to thinking about communication.  Which got me thinking about an encounter I had a few months ago.

So before I begin, let me try to make one thing clear...I don't think it's wrong for you to be on Facebook, but it's wrong for me.  As I've shared some of my feelings about it (see 10 reasons here), I feel I may be a little misunderstood.  Please don't feel like you must give me all the reasons you are on Facebook.  I'm not judging you based on my personal opinions, preferences, whatever.  M'kay?  Please believe me!  And put that list away, please. *wink*

A lot of it boils down to self protection and that of my family.  I don't think I can handle the self discipline, the temptation.  I still feel out of it sometimes, friends laughing over a shared story and I have no clue what they're talking about.  I have to be okay with that and I pretty much am. 

At times I've wondered if I can still be relevant in today's world without joining Facebook though.  And one Sunday morning in church had me questioning where I stood more than any other time.

I was sitting next to a pretty young woman I had never met.  Probably feeling a little self conscious because she was also dressed very stylish and well, I'm usually not.  Anyway, I was really pleased when we had the opportunity to introduce ourselves before the message that day was given.

As we began sharing a little about ourselves, I thought maybe I had made a new friend for the first time during one of those "meet and greets".  She suggested getting our children together to play and grabbed her purse to write down my information.  In the midst of this, she asked if I was on Facebook?

I gently smiled and said, "No."  And that's when it all came to a crashing halt.  

My new friend informed me, "That's too bad.  It's how I keep up with everybody and get to know them. I schedule all our playdates that way too."  She gave a little shrug to say sorry and she pretty much had nothing else to say to me.  I told her it was nice meeting her and then sat there a little bewildered.

Was I missing it here?  Missing potential friendships.  Missing ministry opportunities.  Was I wrong not to be on Facebook?  I began to question God about my decision.

Then I had to laugh inside.  A sad laugh, but a laugh nonetheless.  What have we come to if Facebook is the only way we communicate with one another?  The only way we can be "friends"?  It's one of my biggest issues with social networking for goodness sake. 

I admit I felt a little rejected at first also, then I had to laugh at that too.  You know what, I just might be worth the extra "effort" to get to know without Facebook being involved.  

If God can remain relevant in this digital world, then so can I.  At least I know I'm in good company. *smile* 

Once again I have to say, "No thanks, Facebook. I'm not interested in what you have to offer. I need more."   



Davene said...

I agree. Totally. Completely. 100 percent.

I just couldn't say it as well as you though. ;-)

Margy said...

A little late but I am catching up on your blog! AMEN Glad to hear what you said! I would vote for you on that platform!

Karen said...

I am only now reading all the blogs - was not sure you were "back on"...then again, since you dont have facebook how in the world would i know for, truly, that is the only way i can keep in touch.....*grin* you KNOW i am only kidding and you KNOW i agree completely with this post - when FB becomes our main means of communication we are in trouble....so call me...:o)