Thursday, August 26, 2010


I was working on a blog entry and the computer keeps freezing on me, so I just decided to write the thoughts swimming around my head.  Lucky reader, you...
My kitchen is sticky.  I'm sticky.  The kids are sticky.  And if we had a dog, it would be sticky too!  We've been canning peaches and I can hear my crocs (they help my feet and back while canning) peeling off the floor with every step I take.  I feel like I have to keep moving or I might get stuck.  

I think there's a spiritual application there.
Tomorrow (Friday!) we will find out if the little one I'm carrying is a boy or girl.  If the baby decides to cooperate that is.  Caleb is the only one we decided not to find out with and he made sure we couldn't change our minds.  He didn't reveal himself during the two ultrasounds I had with him.  
I'll be sharing the news tomorrow, so check some time in the evening if your curious. 
After a month long summer break, we started our "new" school year four weeks ago with two subjects and have added a "subject" a week since then.  It has worked out really well for us and given me time to work through any kinks (read: learning how to keep the two little ones occupied during that time) we encounter.

We pretty much homeschool year round for those of you who didn't know.  And no, it's not as bad as it sounds!  For any of us. *grin* 

I am so excited about the year we have planned, I think it's going to be fun and Caleb seems to be enjoying himself so far.  I saved history - his favorite- for last.  We'll be in full swing Labor Day week.  Then I'll start adding more with Samuel.  I eventually hope to have a set of activities to rotate with Abigail also.  So I figure by November we'll be in a sure groove.  Which will give us 1 1/2 months before the Christmas holidays and the baby arriving.     Then it will be time to readjust. *smile*
Samuel came inside today and said, "The potatoes are biting me."  Turns out the mosquitoes were biting him. *grin* 

I love when Samuel announces to me that it is morning.  He always says, "It's sun time, Mommy."  The rule is that he can't get out of bed until the sun is up.  Once he has a better grasp on numbers we'll be changing that a bit...
Abigail has been weaned for a week and half now.  I'm not sure if it's been harder on me or her.  She typically asks to nurse about twice a day still.  We both miss it, but I really felt like my body needed to stop.  I sometimes wonder if her lower birth weight (5 lb. 15 oz.) was due in part to my nursing Samuel through my pregnancy with her.  I'm glad my sweet girl still likes to snuggle and hug a lot or I would be really sad!
Richie surprised me for my birthday by getting an old bike someone had given us fixed.  I haven't gotten on it yet because I'm a little scared I'll hurt myself or the baby, but I'm super excited.  We live in a great neighborhood for it. 

We're still trying to work on the house as we can in hopes of evetually moving.  We've got a long way to go, especially when we keep discovering things like rotten floor beams.  *grimace*  I just keep reminding myself that God is in control.  And that is a really good thing!

So as I head off to bed tonight, that's the thought I rest in.