Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Magnetic Family

One might say we're an attractive family. When it comes to dirt.

It just doesn't stop coming. We must carry some genetic phenomena that draws the dirt to our house. Oh wait, that would be called children, right? *grin*

But I know it would be a falsehood to place the whole blame on the little ones around here. It does happen to be very convenient though. I mean, who am I going to blame when I have a stain on my shirt and there are no longer any kids in the house?

I just don't understand though, how my floors can attract so much dirt? I think we could vacuum twice a day and still go to bed with dirty floors. Where does it all come from and why won't it leave? *sigh* Kind of like post-baby weight, you know.

It's one of my life's true mysteries. If nothing else, I can proudly say, yes, my house looks lived in...


Jackie man Jack said...

I'll drink tea with your dust bunnies, if you enjoy the company of mine:).

pyrotechny said...

hey, you've seen MINE, and I was prepared! I keep telling myself that I'll be chastising myself in a decade for worrying about stuff like this!! I feel your pain (smile)

Jolanthe @ No Ordinary Moments said...

I'm amazed at how many times a day I can sweep and still get a huge pile.

Which grosses me out thinking about all the carpet we had in past houses (and even now) and what must be IN them!