Thursday, September 11, 2008

Egg on My...

Floor. Again. The fourth time in six weeks.

Egg Incident #2 - The picture really doesn't do it justice.

Samuel. My beloved son, so full of joy and life. So curious about the wonderful world around him. And quite the talented mess maker. Can I just tell you how hard it is to get 15+ raw eggs off a floor. And just how disgusting raw egg feels between your toes.

The boy is good. A stealthy predator of all that is clean and orderly. I have not been able to catch him in the act of this glorious egg breaking time he's been having...until today.

Caught red-handed, thanks to Caleb's warning of, "Mom, I think Samuel's up to something suspicious." I got there in time for only 3 eggs to be broken and to chastise at the actual time of the crime.

So, in honor of my momentary Mommy success feelings and as a tribute to the end of summer, I thought it would be fun to recap, in photo, some of his other summer fun that I was able to capture for posterity.

Case of the Strawberry Bandit

This is one of my favorites, probably because the whole thing was so funny. I was slicing strawberries in the kitchen to put up. The boys were playing on the front porch with the front door open so I could keep an eye on them. Samuel quietly comes in and next thing I know swipes a handful of strawberries, flies out the door, and devours them. There was no sign of their existence, except what you see on his face. And in his ear.

One of many marker messes. Not to mention fingernail polish on 2 occasions.

I personally like his use of color here. So pretty. And don't you just love those toddler feet!

Finger licking good.

This is what happened to the leftovers of Caleb's birthday cake. I think he enjoyed, don't you?!

And just so you know that he does get clean. One of many baths (I think one day he had 3). You gotta love a good bath shot.

The maid knows her job is secure with this one around. ;)


Karen said...


You caught him red handed. I believe that falls in such a high catagory as nabbing Bin Laden. Did the news makes it to CNN?


Jessica said...

Your kids are too cute. I just want to kiss him.