Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Story Behind the Wig

Man, tough crowd. Between comments left and conversations on the phone and in person, the need for my repentance is clear. In order to restore everyone's sense of peace, let me give the background on the previous post.

She's auditioning for a prequel to Annie.

Okay, so now I know that I'm the only one who thinks I am funny. Perhaps it's sleep deprivation.

Anyway, I was watching the daughters of a friend and they had brought their new Build-a-Bear buddies to show me. One of them had made an elephant and it was the proud owner of the lovely red tresses.

Please rest assured that the lovely Miss Abigail only had to endure the wig for as long as it took to snap the picture (notice the poor quality). She was a very good sport about the whole thing.

If I had to pick my favorite answer, it would be B) A desperate attempt to quiet Richie's constant comparison of his haircut with Abigail's. I do not find that funny. Comparing a sweet baby girl's head to that of a father who's losing his hair. Talk about cruelty! ;)

And now that my sister, Jessica, has made a connection to George Costanza's mother (see her comment in the previous post), I find no ounce of humor in the I guess I won't be posting the picture I took yesterday of her in a blonde wig... :)


Jessica said...

Sorry if my comment made you feel bad... that wasn't my intent. I thought it was funny even if the poor girl looked like George's mom(sort of)... haha I put Brian in a weird elf outfit just to weird out BT so maybe it runs in the family. haha
I don't think you need to explain or repent!

Jo Ann said...

Your comment didn't make me feel bad, Jess. It made me laugh!

Karen said...

personally, i kind of ENJOY seeing joanne GROVEL in sack cloth and fasting repentence.....hahahahaha.....

(but i had better be careful for i certainly know that it will only be 3 seconds before someone can "question" anything in my parenting......yes...THREE seconds....:o))