Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Big Bedroom Move

Caleb and Samuel are now officially sharing a bedroom! And Samuel is in a "big boy" bed. I wish my camera was hooked up because I would have taken a picture of him - too sweet!

Samuel's in a toddler bed I found at a yard sale, but he was so excited to sleep in it tonight. He went straight to sleep. He was really tired, so we may have some training to do in the next few days, but what a wonderful beginning. He's growing so quickly. *sigh*

The fact that they are moved in together is huge news because that means the carpet in that room finally got put in. Can I get an "Hallelujah, Amen!"?

One more step in getting the house put back together and hopefully organized. We have stuff everywhere. I'm not kidding. I thought about taking some pictures to share, but thought some people might pass out or go into traumatic shock. You can thank me later. And you know who you are...

Anyway, Caleb has been worried about Samuel getting into all his stuff. Which I will say is a valid concern, because he has some pretty cool things for an 8 year old wanna-be archaeologist. But...this is the way of life and being in a family with more kids than bedrooms. And no, I don't think that's a bad thing.

I believe that this will help them develop an even closer relationship and learn many things about coexisting with people. See all the hands-on learning we have going on here at our homeschool, even when they're sleeping. ;) So, now I'm off to bed feeling a little bit better knowing that a few more things have been put in their place and my boys are together...and quiet.


Christin said...

Though I appreciate your concern over the potential cardiac arrest that your "messy" pictures may put me in...

(or was it JOLANTHE that you were concerned about? heh heh)

...I'd have to say you should just take the chance and post them pictures. I love knowing that my house isn't the only messy home.

Because MY house not only BREEDS *stuff* but also vomits it all over the place when I'm sleeping.

So See? You guys do cool stuff like LEARN when you sleep. Us? we hide in our beds, knowing that somewhere in the dark, random items are being vomited all over the carpet.

Can I come sleep at your house?