Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Raising Patriots

Deep within me lies a passionate patriot. Born in small-town America, raised to believe that our country stands for something. That our flag deserves respect and that those in our military should be honored.

I cannot begin to describe that which rises up within me when I hear our national anthem or other patriotic songs. I'm a little embarrassed to admit that hearing the fife and drums while visiting Colonial Williamsburg last month made me a little teary. I could go on, but I think you get the picture. *bashful grin*

Oh, I'm not clueless to the mistakes this country and its leaders have made. I'm not immune to the shame of the course of direction America has taken at various times, even now in regards to many issues. But I am aware of America's godly heritage. The amazing birth of this country and its call to glorify Him. To be one nation under God.

Caleb sketching various presidents at President's Park in Williamsburg.

And that's what I want for my kids. To know the real story. HIS story of our nation.

With Caleb's fascination and love of history, it makes it all the more important for me to present a biblical worldview for him, including American history. Including where we have failed God. Call it reason number 37 for homeschooling. :) Right now, we have been enjoying going through The Light and the Glory series for children.

God's hand in the forming of this nation is truly amazing! It makes me all the more tenacious about raising children who honor God and understand His involvement in this country in which we were born. We have recently begun praying more consistently together for our nation (usually around lunch). That the U.S. would honor God and that we would be a nation that brings Him glory. We pray for our leaders and their families, regardless of who they might be.

If you don't already, would you consider joining us in prayer for our country? Pick a time of day convenient to you and your children and intercede together for our nation. Please pray that America would continue to support Israel and also for peace there as well. I'd love to hear any ideas that you may have to encourage your kids' love of country and God.