Thursday, October 16, 2008

Two Good Frugal Finds

These two deals I'm about to share were too much for me to keep to myself.

First, I was blog surfing the other day and read about some crazy Rite-Aid deals here. Basically, they have a bunch of stuff for free after rebates. Although money is tight, I decided it would be a good idea to pick up a few things.

We typically don't have colds that lost a long time in our house, but something to get through the symptoms while we're being healed is nice. I also hesitated because I am hoping to make my own all natural cold syrup this year.

Anyway, I went and scored! Big time. They had almost everything in stock that I had on my list (throat lozenges, chapstick, etc.). I got $82 worth of stuff for $52 and after I complete the online rebates, it will all be for free. Actually, I had 2 coupons, so I'll come out ahead about $3 or $4.

The current sales/rebates end on Saturday, Oct. 18th. I did talk to a girl who worked there and she said she thinks they're going to start doing it more often. Ah, I finally had success with "couponing".

Second, I was blog surfing again (because apparently I have no other commitments or demands in my life) and found My Penny Pile here talking about a new company called Inkubook. They are offering anyone who signs up by October 24th free printing of a photo book. All you pay is $6.99 for shipping for up to a 120 page photo book. I'm just trying to decide what to put in mine. What a great Christmas gift idea! Get the details here.


pyrotechny said...

I ADORE this new look! WOW! I mean, I liked it before...but WOW!
You go girl! Anyway, wanted to come back here and post that I did go to Rite Aid on you were the second person to alert me to this deal.(the LAST day Mind you..of course they were sold out on a bunch of things, but I'm supposed to get $60 back!) They really got me, though, when confirming my request, ARE U SURE? You CANNOT submit any other claims this month,...shakin' in ma boots, I was! LOL!

Jolanthe @ No Ordinary Moments said...

I visited the site today to finally sign up - and they are still doing the promotion til the 31st!!

WHOO HOO - been needing to get together an album for Rick's grandmother.