Monday, October 27, 2008

Litter of Food

This past week was the Boy Scouts' Scouting For Food drive. The first Saturday the boys drop off bags at houses in a neighborhood and the next Saturday they pick up any bags filled with food that have been left on the same front porches.

It's a great way to collect food for our local food bank and I love how Caleb gets to learn the importance of helping our community. Another opportunity to learn how to be a servant.

Overall, they collected over 500 bags of food and 10 hams. Not too shabby for our small group.

Caleb came home with an interesting story though. As he walked up to one front porch, he heard some strange noises. He said that he was thinking he should get the two bags this house left on their front porch and get out of there quick. He grabbed the bags and started heading back to load them in the truck.

That's when a man ran out of the house yelling, "Oh no, don't take those! That's cat poop." He then traded Caleb some canned food for the bags of poop.

Do I need to tell you how glad I am that this near cat-astrophe was averted? And really, my idea of his learning to be a servant didn't quite include cat feces. I'm just saying...



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