Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Under Construction

Do you remember that blog makeover I won from Sassy Chic Designs...what do you think?!
I love it! Thanks so much, Melanie! And if you happen to be looking for someone to spice up your blog, I would highly recommend checking her out. It was a fantastic experience working with her.

At the same time, after five looooooooong months of waiting, my kitchen is getting its makeover. All the stuff from my cabinets has been out since June (thanks again, Joy, you're the best!), and it has not been fun.

BUT, my new cabinets got put in this weekend and we're hoping to have it completed in the next two weeks. A neighbor friend called it a turning point and I'm grabbing hold of that! 'Cause honestly, I have not been doing too well lately. And then kicking myself about not doing too well. Not pretty.

Kind of like a dog chasing its tail.

I do believe a bit of it - it being the discombobulated mess that is me and my tail kicking - is due to the disaster that is my house. Seriously. My kitchen has been spread out through five different rooms in my house the past two weeks. Not too bad you're thinking...well, I have a seven room home.

That's bad.

And yes, I have pictures to share. Oh, do I have pictures. But you'll have to wait until I can get them developed.

Hey, I can see you on the edge of your seat waiting. Stop that, you should not be salivating over the anticipation of viewing another woman's mess.

Although, I may hold back due to my concern of social suicide. Being kicked out of homeschool co-op. The whispers. Being shunned at church. The knowing stares. My children having no friends.

Yes, I've already admitted to having an active imagination, but you haven't seen what I have...


Melanieshea said...

Thanks girl!!! It was great working with you as well!

Can't wait to see pictures of your kitchen!!!

pyrotechny said...

Yeah, go ahead do it.. You know I'm gonna be the FIRST in line to shun you! (I've been waiting for a good opportunity to do a shunning..just can't wait)