Monday, October 6, 2008

Crying Foul

Some things just gross me out. It usually has to do with the way something looks and it really kicks in when I'm eating. Like, I can't stand to see veins in the meat I cook. That sounds pretty reasonable, right?

Well, sometimes there really is no logic to it. Like today when I was peeling a red potato for dinner. Suddenly, it resembled some kind of skin disease and I wanted to throw up. Not only that, but I wanted to throw them all away. It was disgusting.

There was nothing wrong with them. I tried to will the thought away, but I still wanted to gag. I stood my ground and finished cutting them all, but I did not leave any peel on them. I have a standard rule. If it grosses me out and I wouldn't eat it, I cannot give it to my children. Except dark meat, I make them eat that.

So, in honor of my overcoming the gross factor, I thought I'd share a picture of something that totally made me sick while we were on vacation.
This bird is nasty. I have no idea what type of fowl (quail?) it is, other than foul. The foul fowl. Need a closer look.

Nauseating isn't it? Okay maybe it's just because it's blurry, but it was so gross I had to walk away. What do I find so repulsive? I'm not sure. The horrible horn-like thing on its head (it's blending into the ground). The awful, bumpy wrinkles. The fact that the colors on its skin were all splotchy.

It looks like a member from the band KISS who got caught in the rain. Or maybe even a bit like Heath Ledger as The Joker in the new Batman.

Whatever it is, I've got a couple of questions to ask God about this one. Maybe it's kind of like a defense mechanism. So gross you wouldn't want to eat it. It's got my vote.


Jackie man Jack said...

I'm going to laugh even harder when that bird is what Caleb wants to raise for 4-H. That is one ugly bird!