Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Word Problem For You

I'm a woman who likes to live on the edge.

Of insanity.

Okay, not really - God has given me a sound mind, but I'm having a hard time coming up with any other explanation for why my living room carpet is being replaced tomorrow in the midst of my kitchen throwing up all over the rest of my house.

Call it sympathy pain. My living room has now thrown up into three rooms. It's a good thing I've got a strong stomach. Otherwise, I might be throwing up.

So now, I challenge you to do the math. Which technically, there isn't any math. It just sounds good.

Okay, here it goes:
There is a short woman who lives in a 7 room house.
She has a kitchen that vomited into 5 rooms.
She has 3 children ages 8, 2, and 4 months- none vomiting, thankfully.
Her living room got jealous of the attention the kitchen was getting and hurled into 3 rooms.
What do you get?

Give up?

Okay, I'll give you some help...

A. A house in serious need of Pepto Bismol

B. The ability to curb any pang of hunger in mere seconds, no matter what room you're in, without using the bell to ring the maid

C. Children who would be well adjusted and ready to live in the stockroom of any large scale warehouse

D. The short woman curled in the fetal position sucking her thumb much like her precious infant


Jackie man Jack said...

D all the way!

pyrotechny said...

But C and B have their positives!
You are too funny!

Christin said...

C has my vote. Because something tells me that D may very well happen on a regular basis. You know, being a stay-at-home homeschooling mom and all. *wink*

Jamerrill Stewart said...

Now I know why we haven't been able to get together...your piled under all the rubble!!! It'll look sooooo good when it's done! :O)