Thursday, October 2, 2008

The First Day

It was finally here. My first official day as a stay-at-home mom! I was giddy from the thought. The first weekday that I permanently did not have to go back to work outside the home. The joy. The awe. It was thrilling.

Never mind that I had already been a mother for almost six years now. Now it felt more real somehow.

As Caleb and I lazily started our day, I declared that it was a day to stay in our pajamas. Oh, I had big plans. To relish in all the glory of being at home and do absolutely nothing except be with my two sons. Pure bliss!

Caleb (5) and Samuel (1 week)

It was around ten in the morning when my grandmother, a.k.a Nana, called to check on me. It had been raining heavily the last 24 hrs. The rain had stopped, but there was major flooding in her town and she wanted to make sure that we were okay and to remind me to keep a close eye on the river near our house.

As I reassured her of our safety, I became curious to see how high the water had gotten. I safely nestled two month old Samuel, who was sleeping, on the couch so I could step onto the front porch. The euphoria of finally being home was oozing out of every pore of my body.

Caleb had thrown on a rain coat and rubber boots to join me outside. As I talked with Nana, I peeked at my sleeping baby through the window. I'm sure I was thinking, "What an angel and I get to be with him all the time now!" It was too much for me and I just had to go hold him again.

Wrapping up the phone conversation, I turned the door knob. Push. Nothing. I push again. Nothing. Again. In my enthusiasm, I had closed our old front door all the way. The old front door that you couldn't get open from the outside if it was closed all the way.

Panic and horror began to chase away those wonderful euphoric feelings. "Um, Nana? I need to go. I just locked myself and Caleb out of the house and Samuel is inside alone." We got off the phone and I didn't know if I should laugh or cry.

Caleb (8) and Samuel (2)

There I stood in mismatched pajamas on my front porch in all my unbrushed hair glory, wondering how I was ever going to get back in to my precious baby. I didn't know how to break into my house (a skill I would soon master and use frequently until we replaced our old windows with actual secure ones).

I had my phone and an 85 year old neighbor who I knew would be home, but no one had another key except my mom who was two hours away and Richie. My dear Richie, who I also knew would be in a car teaching behind-the- wheel right about then. It was the only logical option even though it could be another hour or two until he could come.

I would have to call him and have him bring the key. The damage would be great. There was no way this story would not spread through his entire high school when his two driving students saw me and my unkempt self standing outside in my pajamas.

Not too mention the fact that I would have to face him. The man who entrusted me to mother his children. As in, actually be able to have access to care for them. I was filled with dread at the thought of having to listen to Samuel if he woke up and not be able to get to him.

Richie and Abigail

And I could only imagine what my husband would think. Of course, how surprised could he be at the prospect of something like this happening when we have been together as long as we have? Let's just say it probably wasn't too shocking and move on, shall we?

Well, heaven smiled on me that day, my knight in shining armor was available to bring the keys. Right away. Without any students. And he was laughing. Shaking his head, but laughing. *insert angels singing*

And that is how I began my first day "on the job". Feeling incompetent and helpless. Little did I know how frequently those emotions would continue to rear their ugly heads in the past two years.

The road to becoming the happy housewife, *smile*, has been quite the journey. Captivating scenery, bumps galore, some smooth sailing, and a detour here and there. There is no cruise control. No automatic transmission.

To say I still have much to learn is understatement of the year. One thing I have learned about this career path, no two days are ever alike! And sometimes, that's a really good thing...


Jamerrill Stewart said...

Wow...I laughed...I cried! What a GREAT story. Even the drama of that day was better than having to leave your babies! Praise God your home, messy hair and all!!! Being a wife and mommy is the best job in the world and you are doing a great job!


pyrotechny said...

What a great story! Desperate Housewives takes on a new meaning, huh! I loved it!